When you become a member of our scheme you will receive a notification confirming your membership, along with a member information form for you to complete. It’s important that you tell us about any pension scheme membership you have with other Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds or other public sector schemes, and whether or not you wish to transfer them in. 

We're currently only able to accept transfers in from LGPS funds in the UK and other public sector pension schemes if they're members of the Public Sector Transfers Club.

We aren’t able to accept transfers in from the private sector or personal pension arrangements.

The club generally consists of a number of final salary occupational pension schemes including the following: 

  • other Local Government Pension Scheme funds (Including those in Scotland and Northern Ireland) 
  • Civil Service Pension Scheme
  • Armed Forces Pension Scheme
  • Teachers’ Pension Scheme
  • NHS Pension Scheme
  • Firefighters' Pension Scheme
  • Police Pension Scheme

How do I apply to transfer in?

In order to transfer in any previous benefits held with the above schemes, you must make a written election to do so within 12 months of joining our scheme, and it’s important that you return the membership information form as soon as possible. 

The form asks you to detail any previous public service pension membership you may have, and also provides you with the option to investigate the possibility of transferring in previous membership of a public sector transfer club scheme.

Before we can write to you about this we'll need to obtain details from your previous scheme’s administrators and this may take a few weeks.

Membership in other LGPS Funds

Once you've returned your membership form, if you have any periods of preserved membership within the LGPS in England or Wales, we'll write to those funds requesting details of your membership. Once we've received this information, we'll write to you about your options and, again, this may take a few weeks. 

If you'd prefer to keep your pension benefits separate you can choose to do so by contacting us within 12 months of joining.