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Deferred members are those who previously paid into the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), and since leaving the scheme have left their pension on hold with us.

This section gives you a brief guide to how deferred benefits work, together with answers to some of the questions you may have, such as how we update you each year about your deferred pension and at what age you can draw them.

Your annual benefit statement

As a deferred member you'll receive an annual benefit statement from us detailing what your pension benefits are as at 31 March each year.

We aim to send your deferred annual benefit statement by the end of May or early June each year.

Your deferred benefits are increased every year in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The increase applied is published on the GOV.UK website.

Keeping in touch

You need to let us know if you change your address, so we can keep you informed of the value of your deferred benefits each year. You can use the form attached to this page to let us know your new address.


If you’re getting divorced, you may need to contact us to obtain a current valuation of your deferred benefits. You can find out more information on our main Pensions and divorce or dissolution page.


Derbyshire Pension Fund has collaborated with several other LGPS funds to produce an annual newsletter for deferred members. A copy of the latest newsletter is attached to this page.

Not a deferred member?

If you’re in employment and currently paying into our scheme, please visit the active members section

If you’re in receipt your pension benefits, please visit the pensioner members section.