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Deferred annual pension statement

Each year we send you an annual benefit statement, showing the current value of your deferred Local Government pension. You’ll normally receive it in May or June.

The statement that we send you will show the value of your pension at the first Monday after the start of the UK financial year. It will include the latest revaluation for any change to your pension in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

We send your statement to you by post to the address we have on record, so it's really important that you tell us if you change your address.

If you’ve had a recent change of address, or there were any errors in the address on your last statement, let us know by filling in the change of address form attached to this page.

Also attached to this page is a sample statement, which will help you to understand the information in it.

The annual revaluation of your pension

Your LGPS pension is protected against inflation, and we revalue it each April.

The rate of inflation we use is the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is measured for the 12 months to September each year, and then your pension is revalued in line with any change from the following April. The rate of CPI we applied to your pension in April 2018 was 3%.

That was the adjustment to your pension if you’d been a deferred member throughout the year. If you left part way through the year, your revaluation will be a proportion of the full year rate.

Reasons you may not have received your statement

If we set up a deferred member record for you by 31 March, and we have your correct address, you should get a statement from us during the following May or June.

If we’re still working on your deferred member record, you’ll get a statement from us as soon as we can issue one to you. There could be a number of reasons why you haven’t received your deferred member statement, such as:

  • We haven’t received information yet about you leaving the LGPS from your employer
  • Your employer has sent us information, but we’re checking some details with them
  • We’re working on aggregating your deferred member record with another LGPS record you have. If we haven’t already, we’ll be in touch with you about this
  • The address we have for you isn’t right
  • We’re currently working on setting up your deferred member record

If some information is wrong on your statement

If something looks wrong on your statement, you can contact us by email, phone or post.

When you get in contact with us, you may want to check the following information we hold is correct:

  • Your address
  • Your 'date of deferment' (also known as the date you left the LGPS)
  • Your expression of wish nomination details: You can update this at any time by completing a new nomination form, attached to this page and returning it to us.