Organisations, such as town and parish councils, can decide which individuals or positions are eligible for the LGPS. These are called designating bodies. They are able to use the LGPS as a pension scheme for their employees, but they do not have to do so.

Employees of a designating body can only join the LGPS if their employer nominates that member of staff or their role as eligible for membership of the scheme.

There must be a majority agreement at a meeting of the council to elect to become an employer in Derbyshire Pension Fund. Following this we will require a copy of the minutes of the meeting including the name, class of employees or roles of employees designated to join.

Derbyshire Pension Fund operates a pooling of town and parish councils for contribution rates and should a resolution be passed to join, we will provide you, as a new LGPS employer, with details of the rate payable. This pooled contribution rate is subject to a triennial valuation when the rate is reviewed and set for the following 3 years.

Please contact us as early as you are able, to let us know of your intention to join the fund:

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