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You may have heard about the McCloud judgement which is based on a claim that members of public service pension schemes, including the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), were discriminated against when changes to the schemes were introduced from 2014.


When the LGPS changed from a final salary to a career average pension scheme in April 2014, protections for older scheme members were introduced. Other public service pension schemes introduced similar protections.

Members of the Judges and Firefighters Pension schemes brought a case to the Court of Appeal. The court ruled in December 2018 that the changes introduced for older members were discriminating against other scheme members on age grounds. This ruling is often called the 'McCloud judgment'.

The next steps

The government has confirmed that changes will be made to all public service pension schemes, including the LGPS, to remove the age discrimination by introducing the same protection for younger members.

A consultation was opened by the Government in July 2020 with proposals for changes which could be made to the LGPS to remove the discrimination. The consultation closes on 8 October 2020.

When the changes are confirmed, it's expected that only a small number of scheme members will be affected.

What we'll do

When the new rules have been introduced we'll be checking all members' pensions who may be affected. We'll include those who are no longer actively contributing, or are already receiving their pension.

You don't need to do anything. We'll write to you if your pension is going to change.

For more information, see the frequently asked questions on the McCloud court case on the national LGPS members website.