The guides attached to this page will help you process Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) ill health retirements and appeals. These guides set out the duties of the employer in these circumstances and will help you to avoid unnecessary delays and disputes.

Ill health retirement

If you have an employee who is in the LGPS and they become incapable of performing the duties of their current post due to ill health or infirmity, they may be eligible for a release of their pension benefits. Likewise, if you have an ex-employee who becomes incapable of performing the duties of a post they held with you while in the LGPS, they can also apply to you for release of their pension benefits on ill health grounds.

The decision following an application for ill health retirement rests with the employer, however, it is important that the employer follows the process correctly, to deal with applications efficiently and not to leave themselves liable for disputes arising from maladministration.

The 'employers guide to ill health retirement' attached to this page is designed to help safeguard the interests of the employee (or the ex-employee), and the employer.


Appeals can be made by employees or affected individuals when they are dissatisfied with a decision made regarding LGPS benefits, i.e. a member of the scheme employed by you disagrees with a decision you made about their entitlement to pension benefits following an application for ill health retirement.

In most circumstances, disagreements and complaints can be dealt with by you, or ourselves as the pension fund in the first instance depending on who the complaint has been made against. However, if the employee or affected individual wishes to pursue the matter further, they are entitled to invoke the appeals procedure.

The process for dealing with these matters is called Application for Adjudication of Disagreements Procedure (AADP), often referred to as IDRP. The process is split into 2 stages. Stage 1 is dealt with by the employer’s nominated adjudicator and stage 2 is dealt with by Derbyshire Pension Fund.

The 'employers guide to appeals' attached to this page will help when dealing with appeals and when nominating an adjudicator.